The University of Illinois Dads Association is keenly aware of the impact the Coronavirus has had on our school. We share in your concern for your son or daughter as this semester has separated them from their friends, their classes and their beloved campus.

We empathize with you on the adjustment of your students unexpected being at home, attempting to deal with both school related issues as well as an abrupt change in their normal routine.

As an organization, we wanted to provide a list of UIUC specific resources you or your student may need to help navigate this time of completing this semester online away from their normal surroundings.

1. McKinley Health Center

2. UIUC Office of Undergraduate Admissions

3. UIUC Registrar's Office

4. The UIUC Counseling Center

5. University Housing

6. UIUC Financial Aid Office

7. Student Assistance Services

8. UIUC Outage Updates

9. Illinois Department of Public Health

10.UIUC Official COVID-19 website

We know your son or daughter is in good hands with the resources at hand. We hope you are able to enjoy the time you have with your child and we look forward to reuniting on campus in the fall!