What is your favorite Dadisms?

Enshrine Your Favorite "Dadism" at ILL

  • “What would you do If you knew you could not fail?”
  • “There’s a place for everything, and everything has a place.”
  • “Nothing good happens after midnight

Here is your chance to implant your favorite “Dadism” for all the world to see in the Illini Dads Centennial Plaza.

Submit an entry for $25 each (or 5 for $100) and one or more of your “Dadisms” may be chosen to be cemented into Illini lore atop the retention wall in the new Illini Dads Centennial Plaza opening in November 2022.

Submissions will be shown on the Illinidads.com website and will be voted on by the UIUC community of students, alumni, parents, and staff.

The Illini Dads Board of Directors will make the final selection from among the top vote getters and the University has final approval of all "Dadisms".

Submission Deadline March 31, 2022