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What are the different housing options on campus?

Coming to a big university as a freshman can be stressful, and the added stress of choosing where to live is no help. There are so many options with different amenities to choose from, so how do you know which if right for you?  Here is all you need to know before choosing where you should live next year.

Freshman are required to live on campus their first year, whether in university housing (UH) or in private certified housing (PCH).  University housing are the dorms owned and operated by the university; private certified housing is building separate from the university but are certified for freshman living.  All freshmen are required to live on campus in UH or PCH for one year before they can move off campus into an apartment.

Within university housing there are twenty-four buildings for you to choose from. The locations vary so it is important to take into account where your classes will be based on your major. For engineering majors, most of your classes will be on the engineering quads on the norths part of campus. Because of this you may prefer the Illinois Street Residence Halls or Hendricks House because of their close proximity to where most of your classes will be. For other majors any of the other halls are fairly close to the main quad so you may not need to worry so much about location. Attached is a link to all university residence halls divided by locations. https://housing.illinois.edu/living-options/residence-halls/undergraduate-halls. Halls are divided into four locations, Ikenberry North and South on the southwest side of campus, Urbana South on the south east corner of campus, and Urbana North on the east side of campus.

Your interests may also help you make your decision. Within UH there are learning living communities (LLCs), which provide a living community based off of common interest. If you are interested in the arts, you may be interested in the Unit One LLC located in Allen Hall. Maybe you are interested in exploring different majors and academic areas, Weston Exploration, location in Weston Hall, may pique your interest. There are eleven different LLCs in university housing so there is something for everyone. For those looking for a religious housing experience, there are a few different religiously affiliated options within the private certified housing, including Newman Hall, Nabor House, Illini Chabad, and the Stratford House. For those with an interest in Greek life, the Ikenberry dorms or many of the PCHs are located near many Greek houses such as Armory House, Bromley Hall, Evan Scholars and Illini Tower. Here’s a link to learn more about other non-religious PCH options..

There are also many special living options for those interested. Back with Residential Support Systems, located in Nugent Hall, is a community to accommodate students with severe physical disabilities. The non-visitation wing in Busey Hall is a Female only community that provides a safe and secure community with no male visitors. There are many options for those seeking special living conditions.

Living in a dorm your freshman year allows you to create lifelong friendship and memories you will never forget. Choosing the right dorm is important but no matter where you end up you will find a community of people who are there to support you through your journey. For more information about housing, you can click the link below to go to the University Housing website. https://housing.illinois.edu/

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