Should Freshman Bring their cars to campus?

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April 10, 2021
December 4, 2021
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Should Freshman Bring their cars to campus?

Attending college at a large university like the University of Illinois is a lot to take in. A common question that many incoming freshmen consider is if they should bring their car to campus, and what options they have.

Prices for parking and location vary by where you live. Students who live in Allen, Babcock, Blaisdell, Busey-Evans, Carr, Lincoln, Oglesby, Saunders, and Trelease park in lot F23 near corner of Lincoln and Florida Avenues. Students who live in the Ikenberry Commons would park in lot E14, west of the State Farm Center. If the student is living in Private Certified Housing, they would park in that dorm’s parking lot.

One of the biggest arguments against bringing a car to campus as a freshman is the pricing. It can cost anywhere from $400-$1,300 a year. It is also not completely necessary for a freshman to bring their car to campus their first year. I say this because most freshman live in dorms which provide them with food and convenience stores to use at their leisure. They do not yet live in an apartment where they have to constantly buy groceries.

Campustown contains plenty of stores to satisfy student needs such as County Market, a Target, and Walgreens. Not bringing a car to campus encourages students to explore campus. There are many coffee shops and local businesses to explore right on campus as well. One of the best things about UIUC is the campustown and the fact that everything is relatively close to each other. Green Street provides that “downtown” atmosphere with its plethora of shops and restaurants. All of this is within walking distance.

While having a car is a great way to get off campus and explore the greater Champaign-Urbana area, it is not a necessity for freshmen. However when students consider living in an apartment, their sophomore, junior, or senior year, it is something to think about for buying groceries and other necessities. It is also good if they want to get a job during the school year off campus. There are many pros and cons to having a car on campus, and hopefully this post helps you decide a bit more clearly.

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